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A very skinny or scrawny looking person of the male gender. They are easily recognized by pencil -sized arms, sunken chest, and emaciated faces. The definition works best with those who believe they are actually muscular, have a nice body. They are usually found accentuating their pathetic features by wearing muscle shirts,daisy dukes, athletic clothing, etc. The saying is derived from the width of a "scratch in the wall"
Look at that scratch over there with the 10 pound dumbells. Who is he foolin..........he thinks he is hulk hogan with that tank top on. He looks more like a heroin addict than anything.
by john paul mac August 06, 2006
9 81
Tattoos, especially old school prison tats.
Holmes, did you see the "Folsom Prison scratch" on that old biker? It was the shit!
by Jim Inman August 24, 2006
391 93
to engage in a sexual act with, most commonly intercourse
yo ma when you lettin ya man scratch?
by hustlin22224 June 05, 2006
415 136
cash money!!
I suspect you're just doing it for the scratch
by || WOA || December 01, 2001
464 190
In track, when a runner withdraws from a race before it begins. The term originated from the days when heat sheets were written on paper, and a runner's name would litterally be scratched off in pencil when he/she decided not to race.
I'm feeling tired today. I think I'm gonna run the mile, and scratch the 3000m.
by DukeT November 24, 2010
326 81
Extramarital sex, extracurricular sex.
He married Molly last year, but he's still gettin' a little scratch on the side from Jenny.

Or... She's dating Jimmy but still pickin' up scratch every time she gets.
by piscean315 February 09, 2005
320 137
Verb: To 69, or conduct oral sex with your partner while they simultaneously reciprocate.

In a more common context, the word "scratch" is applied to the activity of rasping, or digging with the fingers, or nails. Examples of this useage can be seen in the phrase, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." In this slang context, that phrase is amended to, "You suck my junk, I'll lick yours." Of course, those verbs can be further amended to allow for gay/lesbian scratching, or different oral techniques.
"John, I've douched... you ready for a nice scratch?"
"Golly, Jane! That'd be swell!"
by PiltDownMcMahon March 06, 2008
243 94
Verb: The self-stimulation of a female's external reproductive organs, especially through repeated back-and-forth motions. This word is most accurately applied when the female is getting a "quick fix", and masturbating through her undergarments. "Scratch" is both a description of the motions involved with, and sound produced by this word's proper execution.
"Jane, I'm heading into the bank for a second, will you be okay waiting in the car?"
"Sure, Sue, I think I'll just scratch the snatch for a bit... take your time in there."
by PiltDownMcMahon March 06, 2008
292 148