a snowboarder who scrapes all of the fresh snow off of a run by not turning
stupid ass scraper stop plowing the snow
by planker January 13, 2011
Is a woman of younger age to moderately older age, who can hold her own, is tough, sassy, spunky, if it came down to it, she could whoop a guy's butt and not even think twice. It's nothing more than a definable female who can take care of herself and doesn't need a 'man' to protect her.
She's a scraper and knows how to take care of herself.
an easy girl, usually a regular at a bar. will make out and/or have sex with anyone. slut.
Hey you wanna go down to the corner bar? Try to pick up some chicks?
nah man, theres just scraper bitches down there...i got standards.
by VinnyVincenz July 10, 2008
when there are poop marks on the toilet after you take a crap
person:i just took a massive scraper in your toilet.
friend:clean it you douche
by cascadineddy August 15, 2007
Also in CA. refers to a house that has no real value (beyond the value of the land it's on.) When bought, often torn down and replaced. i.e. house is scraped off the lot .
the real estate agent said that one's a real scraper
by davidabl September 10, 2007
Someone who just snorts coke alllll the time.
"Hey, did you see her yesterday? I heard she's a total scraper!"
by Sarah Bob. March 26, 2008
hood term for car, hoopty, bucket, etc.
I was rollin in my scraper down East 14th when I saw this bad ass notch standin' on the corner.
by Horatio E. July 23, 2006

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