Chevy Celebrity, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Acheiva, Buick Regal, Century, Park Avenue, Pontiac Grand Am with V6 built After 1985 with the inclusion of the fuel injection as opposed to the older models with V8s and carborators. It can be modified with a suction tip on the muffler and rims and television sets to make it scrape harder. Cadillac is too luxury for scraper status.
Scraper scraper full of the rippers.
by georgy porgy September 29, 2006
gas break dip... then scrape
box chev sittin on sumthin nice, and dem buicks
"SL nuttin it's a scraper mayne"
old school car dats dipped to da fullest
scraper candy paint,hyphy out da window shaken dem dreads dipped wit dye. Like Whaaaaa... yadadamean
white t-shirt blue jeans and nikes all day urrday swingin da scraper out here in da yay!!!
by babygurrl141510 January 30, 2005
1. A person or thing that scrapes.
2. An act of consensual sex between a male and female.

3. A very hot girl in a dance club who seems to be drunk.
4. A real whore.

Also see scraping, skripping and scrapering
(2)"That girl didn't get raped, she got scraped." - Mike Mahbauamuta.
(3)"Man, there was a ton of scrapers at the club tonight."- Mike Mahbauamuta
(4)"That girl had a webcam in her room and was on their scrapin with a bunch of dudes. J Dogg, that girl was a scraper fa sho."- Mike Mahbauamuta
by Mike Mahbauamuta January 05, 2010
Straight Outta East Oakland where it all started.......
A scraper is any G.M. car from tha 80's and 90's century,park ave,regal,le saber jus to name a few..Yo shit aint a Scraper till u put that G-thang on some 4's(24 inch rims if u lame)wit hella clap in yo trunk and like 4 coats of paint that make that thang look like a sucked on Jolly Rancher...
For tha record we dont fuck wit them pussy ass whistle tips no more...wake yo game up
A brah u see D in tha 2 tone scraper on them 4's?

U cats beta step ya scraper game up

Al was at bookers hella on one in his new scraper
by B Hefna April 04, 2008
A girl who uses her teeth while performing Oral Sex on a man. other wise Known as 'Scraping' or Nut Nibbling
That Head wasn't even that good, that girl is a scraper.


That Bitch Scraped me so much. i wish i didn't get head from her
by Jose Dinero April 10, 2012
A fighter. usually in their teens age or on rare occasions, an adult. Preferably, one who draws blood from the opponent.
Mom: Sweetie!! What happened to you?!
Daughter: I got into a fight with a girl at school.
Mom: Oh my god!! There's blood on you!
Daughter: It's the other girl...
Dad: DAMN! My little girl's a scraper!
by Layzxcrazy November 13, 2011
A scraper is a person who tries to muscle in on action that they are not involved in. It could be a picture, whereby somebody shoves themselves into a photo without intention by the photographer, or somebody who tries to join in enthusiastically on a conversation which they know nothing about.
Person 1: 'Did you see Jane's skirt the other day!'
Person 2: 'yeah atrocious'
Scraper: 'omg yeah' (scraper did not see Jane's skirt)
by faygot September 13, 2011
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