a woman who drags her teeth on the penis while giving oral pleasure
i smacked that scraper hoe upside her head!
by Spankinstein April 27, 2003
Marquette University Freshmen who don't know how to give head so they scrape their teeth on your dick.
I went out with a scraper last night and my schlong is raw and bleeding today.
by Big Chimper June 09, 2003
a woman who does not know how to give oral sex
"That hoe's a scraper!"
by Jayo August 15, 2004
Similar to a hoe, the word suggests that a female has been scraped off the street. Has pimping overtones.
Yeah, we picked up them scrapers and brought 'em back to the house for a freakshow, then broke 'em for some cash. Wanna see the tape?
by sko_lingo March 08, 2004
its an old car thats basicly a bucket and if you and yo friends all get in it has no shocks so it will prolly scrap the ground cause its an old bucket.
damn look at that scraper how many colers are on it?
by Jazzmine AKA *yeah yeah* January 10, 2006

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