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Similar to 'owned.' Used to describe a total domination of the opposition.
Wow, those guys got scraped.
by Steve Zaepfel January 15, 2008
it acctualy originated in oakland ca. not chicago

1:to be beaten down, whooped to an extent of not being able to make a comeback
2:to lose very badly
3 to lose so bad its embarasing
scrape dat nuka son!!!
i scraped yo ass at madden last night u bitch!
by seannonnon February 07, 2008
To get destroyed, pulverized, obliterated, or murdered in a certain activity.
Wow. I, Adam, really got scraped in Fifa by Nick....I'm really, it's starts with a S...sad....
by FifaPro6969 November 10, 2014
Snapchat Raped (SnapChatRAPED) The act of taking a picture or video of a snapchat using a second camera or phone
I sent this really dirty picture to her using snapchat and the bitch scraped me
by Littlz October 13, 2013
Chicago slang which means to lose embarrassingly in a physical fight or beat someone down badly.
Yo, that lil nigga got scraped.
by tangawanga November 04, 2007
This is when a girl looks good from far away (body and face), but when you get up close she is ronch.
That girl looks pretty hot Larry. No John, you are mistaken, she is scraped.
by Jimmy Hat August 24, 2003
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