A person who doesn't fit into to a conversation. Usually buts in and ends the conversation.
Henry Ferrari Scrape!!
You're such a scrape!
OMG your a scrape!
by IHateAllJEws January 30, 2010
A fat person, typically someone who eats too much. They scrape their plate, and anyone's within 100 yards.
Look at that scrape stuff her face!
by Shot Collah September 03, 2012
Scrapings, left overs
girl 1:have you seen johnny?

girl 2:yeah he's well scrapes
by braaaapbruv November 08, 2011
when people try to get things off people which aren't theirs.

they "scrape" off them.
usually with friends or people they know.
a boy trying to "scrape" 5 pounds from a girl.

he is such a "scrape" trying to take my money
by thewiseone212121 April 05, 2011
1. To leave somebody unexpectedly because they are annoying or you dont like them.
2. To hurriedly leave somebody or place
3. To run very fast in a race
1. "I had to scrape on Johnny. That nigga is annoying!"
2. "The cops were all at Walmart and i had weed on me so I had to scrape."
3. Bob scrapped on Ron in that race.
by Kidflow34 December 03, 2009
To rub the head of one's penis on the tante on another man
"Dude I scraped her til I got purple tip"
by Feast April 09, 2015
Someone who does just enough work to not get noticed slacking. Someone who scrapes by on the minimum amount of work.
Man 1:"Dude, do you ever do anything?"

Man 2: "Yes!"

Man 1: "You just do enough that the boss doesn't know you're a slacker. Scrape!"

"This paper sucks. You barely met the requirements. You're a goddamn scrape."
by stuff4stuff February 24, 2009
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