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A drug runner; A drug courier; especially from DelMarVa area of the East Coast
Scrambler comes here once a month to provide us with llello
by Conrad July 26, 2003
An attractive individual that interrupts a person’s train of thought, speech, and/or movement when noticed.

- Level 1: The scrambler catches the victim’s attention, but with no noticeable interruption to thought, speech, and/or movement.
- Level 2: The scrambler catches the victim’s attention. Thought, speech, and/or movement are momentarily interrupted. The victim is ultimately able to return to the previous state.
- Level 3: The scrambler catches the victim’s attention. Thought, speech, and/or movement are permanently interrupted. The victim is not able to return to the previous state.
Chad was hit by a Level 3 Scrambler in the break room and completely forgot what we were talking about.
by N_00 August 18, 2015
1) A guy whose sexual orientation is ambiguous.

2) A guy who gives off mixed signals; one who scrambles even the most sophisticated gaydar, leaving friends and acquaintances unsure of whether he's really gay or not.
Example 1: "Yeah, I still haven't figured out if Ryan Seacrest is gay or not. Either my gaydar's malfunctioning, or he's a scrambler."

Example 2: "I want to ask Conner out on a date, but I'm not even sure if he's straight. What a scrambler!"
by Free_JR November 28, 2009
while having sex with someone you look away like at a wall or some other object and think about something other than sex such as why do we fry chicken
when i was having sex with that girl last night i was doing the scrambler thinking about all the different ways to make eggs
by josh2010 May 22, 2011
the vehicle used by a scally from liverpool usually a member of the lacoste wearers (thats nearly everyone)
lad i've bricked the windows no lets bounce. fuckin get the scrambler on the go!
by margera October 16, 2003
Jeep CJ-8, the hottest jeep ever
Limited Edition made from 1981 - 1986
Like CJ-7 but longer body and wheelbase
Look at that Scrambler, that guy is a pimp
by Your mother October 01, 2003
to scrambler
passed: scramblered
future: will scrambler
To have someone who is brilliant, courtly, and English use their charm to befriend you, intelligence to bamboozle you, then cut a side business deal behind your back. When you discover this side deal they cry and promise never to do it again. Those who scrambler others often hang around expensive restaurants ordering three entrées at a time others dime. Many people have been scrambled in the oil patch. People scrambler friends often because of greed, fear or desperation.
I’m down a million bonez ‘cuz I got scramblerd by Bruce
Make sure yo contract be iron-tiz-ite or you gets scramblered!
I didn’t get farked, I got scramblered. I’m still gana beat his arse.
My coke runner scramblered me ‘cause he is debt to his bookie
by Benjinyc April 11, 2008
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