Performing Oral Sex on a female during her period.
I got scrambled eggs all over my face, what is a boy to do?
by Maul June 02, 2004
for one to puke egg like quantites from the mouth from drinking alcoholic beverages!
in other words scrambled egg
by leftie!! March 24, 2009
When a chick is polishing a dude's knob and he jizzes in her ear, and then he rubs it profusely up and down.
Matt gave Kiera a nasty scrambled egg, and then she shit on his face.
by Shakira Jones March 11, 2006
Falling on and/or hitting your nuts.... really hard
Dude you just scrambled your eggs on that rail.
by The Wonder Skate Team August 01, 2005
While a female gives oral pleasure to a man, the gentleman pulls his tool from her oral cavity before ejaculating. He then proceeds to place his scrotum in her mouth and alternately slaps her cheeks while performing a celebratory cry similar to an Indian woman.
I gave my 'ol lady some scrambled eggs last night.
by gumby40oz February 27, 2006
Pussy that has been tampered with too much.

See turkey, loose as a goose, paris hilton
Hey, don't hook up with Crystal, shes scrambled eggs
by Ranger Elite March 14, 2006
The wrinkled, fried appearance of a chick's nipples after she has been tanning a lot.
"Man, I'd love to see her topless!"
"No way dude, the fake-n-bake gave her scrambled eggs."
by Pimp Jude January 18, 2007

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