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1. Popular video game.

2. Used as a mocking expression (spoken in a rough manly voice) when someone repeats what another person just said as a question (Much like solid snake does in the metal gear series).
Person #1
"It's called Metal Gear"

"Metal Gear?"


Person #1
"Hey look, a Plane"

Person #2:
"A Plane?"

Person #1:
"Metal Gear?"
by Maul May 06, 2005
A form of the drink Martini. Called Diablo Martini cause it gives you a devil of a good time.
"You having a good time?" "I'm having a diablo martini... dig it"
by Maul May 06, 2005
Named after Will Farrels popular imitation of Robert Goulet, Who says he's own name at random times. In this case said when struggling for words, or in the regular uses of the word What.

What is followed with a space before goulet.

Pronounced: GOO-LAY
Rober Goulet:
by Maul May 06, 2005
Performing Oral Sex on a female during her period.
I got scrambled eggs all over my face, what is a boy to do?
by Maul June 02, 2004
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