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The mixed feeling of being drunk and high
After that pitcher of beer at the bowling alley and hot boxing my friend's car I was feeling pretty scrambled.
by Teddy and Panda Co. January 14, 2009
23 2
Out of sorts. Not with it. Feeling crazy. Not able to get your thoughts together.
"I don't know what's wrong, I can't focus, I'm all scrambled"
by where am i? February 01, 2007
12 3
Crazy, off the chain.
This shit is scrambled yo!
by Marco Garcia May 01, 2005
10 6
When one or more people sneak up on an unsuspecting person and shake his or her belly fat repeatedly with both hands so that it looks much like a scrambling egg.
"Hey! There's a fat guy! Let's go scramble him!"

"You just got scrambled!"
by DesperateHokie May 01, 2012
1 0
Fucked up
That jungle juice got me scrambled.
by Matthew Pryce January 25, 2004
7 12