An quick, offensive, character in the FPS, TF2, or Team Fortress 2. Scout is quite the comedian. He is know for being a (health-wise) weak character, but is known for running the fastest out of all the characters in Team Fortress 2. He is never seen without his trademark headphones, ear-piece, back strap, dog tags, and wrappings around his hands. A big baseball fan, he is, as stated before, never seen without his baseball cap. He also uses a baseball bat as a melee weapon. Scout is a bit of a cocky character, but he it just makes him funnier than he already is.
Medic:"Scout, you look hurt. Need some healing?"

Scout: "Naw, man. I'm capping that objective! I'm out!" *runs away quickly*

Medic: "Oh dear..."
#scout #fast #speed #team fortress 2 #scot #scut #baseball #tf2
by Saber Hayabusa December 10, 2013
A codeword for reffering to an attractive female, commonly used between two men when they cannot simply state "Jesus Christ that girl is hot"
If two guys are walking next to a hot chick, one can simply state scout and look in her direction. His buddy should understand and look.
#hot chick #attractive #sexy #hott #scout
by CGXC January 01, 2009
He's shy but cute he's very into his academics and is very indecisive. There's just something about him that draws girls in. He's pretty indecisive so be careful ladies not to fall for this one cause he's a heartbreaker but not really. He's just a little insecure and has trust issues he likes to keep his distance although it's very possible for him to get bad bitches. He also has amazing eyes that are so enchanting. He depends on his friends a lot they mean everything to him. And his music taste is off the charts anything from classic rock to classical instrumental music. He's eclectic and like a variety if things he can never just have one thing he wants them all. He's totally into his sports he'll practically play anything if you just ask. But scout would probably be one of the ideal friends to ever have.
Wow scout you sure are the best!
#scout #cool #weed #smart #friendly
by P34ch3s November 24, 2014
the biggest group in the world.
The best place to have fun
Meet lots of good people
Adam.W sqeezes ur ass
"wow scouts is boss"
"hey that Adam.w squoze my ass"
"you just got glazed like a doughnut, then donkey punched!!! HaHaHa!!"
#scouts #boss #adam.w #ass #donkey punch #doughnut
by chris handmedown July 18, 2008
In strategy games (Such as Starcraft II), the fact to send one's unit to check out the opponent's base to determine what his strategy will be, or which buildings he already has.
He scouted his Dark Templar building, he's going to build observers to detect them.

I scouted my opponents base at a good timing, I was able to guess his B.O. and I adopted a counter strategy.

He didn't scout this proxy pylon. I'm going to warp units into his base..
#starcraft ii #d.t. #b.o. #proxy pylon #warp #units #observers
by Nessie1762 June 21, 2011
A word that is used to prove you are not lying, you cannot lie "on" scouts.
bruv, i got differently licked last night and barebacked an absolute horror show, she was on tho so i blooded her and then she puped smelly smelly one time bruv then she was wilin out so i licked that bitch scouts bruv
#scouts #spoons #sprouts #bruv #babymakin #barebakin
by the mole 87 May 03, 2009
a creep. someone who is stalking or creeping. can be used as a verb too.
Look at that scout across the dance floor checkin you out
#creep #stalker #freak #loser #pervert
by mizzzy April 01, 2011
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