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Smooth talking TV salesman for such products as the Sham-Wow! and Slap-Chop. Known for his hilarious one-liners (You know the Germans make good stuff! You're gonna love my nuts!) and his ghetto headset which he always wears. He could make socks the most appealing thing on earth.
Vince Offer: Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life!

Who the fuck is Billy Mays?
by lilripsta January 28, 2009
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1)Comedian turned salesman that hypnotizes you with his eyeball.

2)Best known for the guy that advertises ShamWow and Slap Slop

2) Archnemesis of Billy Mays(the beard guy that sales OxyClean)

3)You're gonna LOVE HIS NUTS
"Hi, I'm Vince Offer! I sale ShamWow and Slap Slop chopper that chops nuts and all sorts of stuff!

"You're gonna love my nuts"

"It sells itself"

"This TUNA, looks BORING! Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a BORING LIFE"

Viewer: "...My life is boring...Tuna's boring...Must...Obey...EYEBALL"
by BillyMays March 31, 2009
A very humorous salesman, famous for selling products like the Shamwow and SlapChop. Also known for hilarious lines like "You're gonna love my nuts!". Went to jail for assaulting a hooker.
"You know the German's make good stuff!" - Vince Offer
by DarkPrincess128 July 07, 2009
Underground director-turned-TV-huckster, Vince Shlomi (better known by his stage-name of Vince Offer) is famous for his aggressive delivery and witty one-liners.

Can be found selling infomercial products such as the "ShamWow" and "Slap-Chop" to unsuspecting customers across North America. You're gonna love his nuts.
"Vince Offer could sell snow to Eskimos."

"Now that rival pitchman Billy Mays has died, Vince Offer is free to pursue his goal of global domination through daytime TV infomercials."
by afiendishthingy January 09, 2010
An annoying sales man, native to Israel, has a dry look on his face, a lazy eye, and looks like a dude from a 90s boy band. He's worse than Billy Mays.
Vince Offer is a liar, I bought shamwow and it sucked donkey boners!

Vince Offer is the suckiest sales man in the world.
by zenfusion1992 May 01, 2009

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