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Characters of the Naruto anime series.
Naruto characters aren't ninjas, they're actaully scouts.
by Chris Falcon December 06, 2007
While having sex from the doggy position insert your index finger in her ass. Your finger acts as a scout to check out the situation. Her reaction to it will let you know if your in the clear to conquer door #2.
Brent- Dude I hit her up with the scout last night.
Famous- Oh ya howd that go?
Brent- Lets just say I came, I saw, and I conquered.
by Famous Abe April 03, 2007
(Alkaloid slang) A person who is hip (or potentially hip) to the Alkaloid scene. One who happens.
Ho, hey, what's up, scout?
by Brock Guilfoyle January 04, 2006
A bunch of children dressed like stupid people, led by stupid people dressed like children.
scouts are kids dressed like mentally impaired people. there leaders are, mentally impaired people dressed like kids.

"woah, whats that beeping noise," "i think it's YA MOM."
by kirstins the best September 22, 2007
1. (n.) mouth;
2. (n.) to recieve oral sex
1. He took a punch in the scout.

2. I hope that girl gives me scout.
by Shizz August 09, 2004
Guy who never does anything but think he's the smartest, chatting on the internet most of the time when he's not doing homework.
Look at that scout!
Hah, he's a scout-fucka, doin homework n'shit
by no scout April 25, 2004