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(n.) in rap, one verse or "sixteen" lines
Drop that 16 for us.


He had the hottest sixteen on Track 2.
by Shizz August 09, 2004
n. "Desert Eagle Pistol";
He fired 2 shots from an eagle.
by Shizz August 09, 2004
(n.) understand; a combination of the terms "do you understand?" and "can you dig it?"
-Used widespread throughout urban neighborhoods. Although the origins are unknown, Def Jam/ Roc-A-Fella/ Thugged Out Militainment recording artist N.O.R.E. aka Noreaga is credited for makeing the term mainstream.

I'ma be back later for my money; Underdig?
by Shizz August 09, 2004
To get crazy
I am about to kurk out if I dont get my money from that ho!
by Shizz October 16, 2003
An ananomis name ppl use when talking about someone as to not let anyone find out about who you are really talking about.


A fat old black lunchlady who pushes around trash cans in high school cafaterias
Hey gramma you dumbitch
by shizz December 20, 2003
an interjection usually used at the end of a declarative or exclamatory sentence to enhance the relevance, importance, and/or urgency of a statement or situation; a variation of the word EARLY

-originated in Philadelphia; variation of the word early
We about to get this nigga', EASY!

see also EARLY
by Shizz August 09, 2004
1. (n.) mouth;
2. (n.) to recieve oral sex
1. He took a punch in the scout.

2. I hope that girl gives me scout.
by Shizz August 09, 2004

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