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Someone who has a dodgy perm & 'tach. Wears a Shellsuit, is on the Social & is very adept @ sealing cars, car stereo's, alloys etc
by Turkish September 16, 2003
53 87
aye im part scouser n tho i dnt ave no accent i stil say sum words in d way u wud up north la. Grass n tings la dat fo example n all my mates take d piss n if dere bored wil start an argument aba how i dnt speak propa it does my nut in. Liverpool r boss n scousers all scousers r sound i love bein up dere nyceset place if u neva been u gta go
N many scousers ent thieves we r jus gud at doin it if we feel d need so hush up yer!
by Scouse_gyal November 05, 2006
30 41
As everyone has said, a scouser is someone from Liverpool. Like all cities, Liverpool has its scum but I have to say they were colourful and well-mannered. When I stayed there in 1991 I witnessed a branch of Dixons being broken into one night but the thieves were all very polite. They wished me good evening as I went past and went to pains to ensure I wasn't hit by any flying glass from the window they were breaking. I felt this was a very nice touch.
"Oh no! Someone has broken my car window and nicked the radio! But at least they swept the broken glass up - They must be a scouser!"
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
60 71
u make me sick people on here probably havent even been to liverpool and ur sitting there calling them if u took the time to come here u'd know that we dont have perms that went out years ago and were do u get shell suits from and if u must know lascoste is a very expensive brand
who says carm down carm down anymore
by leonie August 27, 2004
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someone who was born in liverpool yet has moved very far away,and goes on about how fantastic the place is and how the people of liverpool are the best in the world yet they wont ever go back because in reality its a shit hole full of smackheads theives and layabouts who blame everone else for their shit lives when its their own fuckin fault,scousers all walk with the same cocky swagger so you can tell the theives on building sites and in shops,
pissed up scouser in a bar in austraila sprouts how fuckin great liverpool is,
best city in der world laa
" well fuck off back then you scouse twat"
by tangering dream March 31, 2009
24 36
Born to the English city of Liverpool. Have great passion for travel, as witnessed by drug dealers, car thieves and housebreakers throughout the U.K speaking in a silly accent(see Harry Enfied circa 1980 or circa 1980 soap opera Brookside). Might be seen supporting former successful (circa 1980) soccer team Liverpool FC; now sold out to American business men and most famous for inventing the saying "this year will be our year".
Scouse Gits (depiction of scousers, circa 1980)
Bread (comedy circa 1980)
Brookside (circa 1980)
by Cockney Mouser August 17, 2008
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I am a scouser. and to all those people who are saying that we are chave n cunts and wear lacoste shell suits steal car and mobile phones live in council flat and on benfits its a load of shizz.

we have the fittest accent ever the most kind and well humoured people and the best footy team going LIVERPOOL. the people who wrote these have probly never been to Liverpool and don't even know what is it like and yes some people do steal cars and that but it happens every were. everyone is just so sterotipic of Scouses and Liverpool and probly all the people who wrote these are Mancs and Wools!
Liid Liid,, lets go rob off with that phone - Sterotipic view on scousers
by Hannah2oo7x November 18, 2007
22 34
A scouser is the universal term used to describe a person from Liverpool and more importantly one who is on the lower rung of society. Scousers are generally poor and fill their need for televisions with thieving addictions. Scousers can be found in poorly lighted car parks and dark alleys.
That guy who stole your TV was probably a scouser.

The World Cup was stolen by a scouser.
by Synapse215251 December 10, 2006
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