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A layabout, paid by the government to do nothing but drink beer and shout at more affluent people.
That Leith sure is a doley.
by Sedgehammer May 02, 2007
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Doley is another word for penis and any other form of the word penis. Such as cock, dick, etc. Originally formed from the latin root "Dody" meaning an object thats original form is soft and becomes hard or erect.
Hey bitch suck my big fat meaty doley!
Dude, that chick over there sucks a mean doley.
Hey Kyle, suck my doley?
I got a dittle doley.
OMG, you should of seen this doley I tried putting in me last night. It was so big it wouldn't fit.
I am the doley master!
by Mitchell *Jessi Mench* Bade May 04, 2010
One who habitually claims dole money from the local dole office
Look at that doley going down the dole office to get his dole!
by Bob the Sheep June 29, 2005
Doley can be used to describe a old or rusty bicycle commonly rode by people who don't have a lot of money or live on the dole. Also it can be used as a verb going on a doley. A doley is also the word for a bike ride where you and your friends all go for a bike ride riding doleys
Are you coming out on your doley today?
by Bob891 September 25, 2014

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