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The Spice Girl that was everyone's favorite. Sporty Spice was best known for her track suits, back flips and tattoos.

AKA- the only spice girl that could sing.
Sporty spice:
You take and inch, I run a mile,
Can't win you're always right behind me.

Wow, you are looking very sporty spice today.
by SG06 May 06, 2006
Member of the spice girls band. Rumoured to be queer - a sure sign is when publicity machines skim over details on their private life.
Referenced in the film Bend it Like Beckham. Mum: You'll never get a guy always wearing trackies - just look at Sporty Spice.
by ShortHairLvr August 08, 2005
A dude who plays a lot of sports, is single, and talks about sports all the time. Is slang for jock.
The skateboarders are outside and the sporty spices are in the gym playing basketball.
by looseygoosey3 May 12, 2010
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