a hearty liverpudlian dish
mince meat, potatoe gravy and salt
lots of salt (about a desert spoon full) 600g mince and about 3-4lb potatoes all stewed down to a thick gloopy consistency with lot's of salt to taste
by redvynal January 30, 2004
Top Definition
Scouse, or scouser.
Term for people originating in Liverpool (UK) or their accent/dialect. Used as a positive, neutral or derogaratory word depending on the speakers prejudices about said city.
It is part of a genre of slang terms which refer to people by stereotypes of their dietary habits. (Such as pom, limey or ros bif for the British.
The meal scouse was common in working class Liverpool in the past, and is a thick stew of lamb and vegetables, slow cooked in a pan to make cheap cuts of meat more palatable. For the very poor you could make do with 'blind scouse' which is a lamb stew with the lamb left out.
The older origin of the word is probably from the old Norse word 'skaus' again for a type of stew.
Did you hear about the scouse version of the film 'silence of the lambs?' It was called 'shut up ewes.'
by lewis January 09, 2005
Scouse - a stew derived from a dish introduced to Liverpool by Norwegian sailors known as lob scouse.

Scouse - the local Liverpool dialect.

Scouser - a term originally applied to Liverpool sailors, due to thier habit of eating scouse, but subsequently applied to liverpudlians in general.

Scouse - the local Liverpool dialect. A mixture of lancashire, welsh & irish influences resulting in a unique and instantly recognisable accent. The accent developed after 1847 when the Irish famine led to a doubling of the local population, and left liverpool with a unique Irish heritage. Liverpool is the only mainland British city to elect an irish nationaist MP.
by Tommy w October 05, 2005
1. Misunderstood - Scouse aren't all theives.. Actually Manchester has a higher crime rate
2. A type of food, normally made in Liverpool and the surrounding area
3. Name for all the people who live in Liverpool and the surrounding area, e.g Knowsley, Kirbey, Prescott
4. Name for the Liverpool Football Club
1. A - "That scouse is gonna rob ur car"
B - "He's not they're alright people actually"

2. A - "What do you want for tea?"
B - "Can I have Scouse? I love it"

3. A - "Look at all thouse scouse supportin their team"
B - "Yes it makes you proud to be from Liverpool"

4. A - "The scouse are coming down for the footie tomorrow"
B - "I know, I hope they dont beat us by too many"
by MrLukee May 30, 2007
1) Scouse - to do something very good

2) Scoused it - stole something/did something good

3) Scouse! - a drinking game involving taking a pull on a spliff then drinking some aftershock

4) Scouse a word used to describe things that are good or come from Liverpool like Gregs, Sayers and Spag Bol.

1) 'Ah lad that was proper scouse'

2) 'Where did you get that chair from?'
'I scoused it from that tent over there'

'Keep it scouse boys'

3) 'Ey lad let's play scouse!'

4) 'Ey girl fancy some spag bol? Its proper scouse!'
by Scouse House August 28, 2007
a prefix added to items purchased from a skinny tracksuited bloke in the pub.
"why so happy dave?"

"only popped out for a pint but came home with a scouse PS3, £30 well spent"
by attackweasel January 06, 2010
i bet u have never heard of this before but it's actually a type of music

thats right a type of music

i myself am one of the many scouse dj's

scouse dj's remix songs from the uk top 40 and other well known tunes aswell as making their own

kb project, alex k, jc project, ls system, bass slammers, ghetto busterz, dna, tim dawes, dj, riley, dj ian t, dj mercer and of course myself are just some of the many scouse dj's

if you wan't any more info on this music go to

person1: scouse music rules!
person2: yay lol i just remixed a miley cyrus tune aswell as a christmas tune
person1: sounds awesome
person2: it sounds even better through huge speakers
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) November 12, 2009
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