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n. An obnoxious creature from Liverpool who uses more khs than jews..this creature is known for constantly spitting on the streets in a sorry effort to resemble camels and has a brain the size of a peanut. He will rob you if given the chance and will show no hesitation to make fun of your culture if different than his. His attire is generally bought from second hand adidas stores and he looks skinny, malnourished and is either drunk or on drugs most of the time. Scouse women on the other hand come in all shades of fake tan orange. Everything including their eyelashes are fake. they are usually known for darkening their eyebrows just incase no one realized that they're trashy enough. Most are aggresive but try to unsuccessfully soften themselves to give the illusion of feminism. They almost always wear over the top fur coats and/or boots and are easily recognizable as the trash of the UK.
"OH MY GOD! why is this guy spitting on the ground so much?!" "oh..it's probably cuz he's scouse"
by gza gza December 19, 2011
People who Lie, Cheat and Steal. Or generally, most people from the Red side of Liverpool.
Lie : Steven Gerrard. Claims to be Liverpool through and through, despite being photographed with Everton shirts (Liverpool's local rivals) when a youth, which indicates he is also a Gloryhunter. Handing in transfer requests because teh Rentboys (Chelski) double the money he was payed at 'his team'

Cheat : Steven Gerrard. Cheats by diving. Falls without being touched in order to win a game for his team.

Steal : The Citizens of Liverpool. Steal benefits. Despite being ablely bodied but just too lazy to be educated properly. Typical Scouse
by Rosso Bianco e Nero December 07, 2008
Inhabitant of Liverpool, strong dialect, (stereotype): Shellsuited, mulleted, car theives.
Scouse bastards nicked my wheels!
by oracle March 13, 2004