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a thick gooey liquid-like substance
that syrup is really gloopy
by Corinna July 15, 2004
84 30
the russian word for stupid. can be used in english whynot? usually refers to a moment of specific stupidity in a usually intelligent person
'what is this? is it a cake?' asked Andrew
'its a landmine' said Josie
'oops, I'm gloopy.' replied Andrew.
by Cowboy Jim November 30, 2006
52 30
icky sticky mucus, esp in the eyes
ugh I hate my cat, my eyes are so gloopy!
by linuxgeex June 19, 2014
0 0
something juicified, sagified and must be powerfied.

The only cure is peppermint hemp soap
my balls were so gloopy after last night
by stuneher November 26, 2009
16 16
freshly baked yet undercooked cookies. gloopies usually have a slightly harder top and are of a lesser consistensy on the bottom and inside.
That hot gloopy burned my mouth, but it tastes so very good!
by BinaryBitch0100 March 13, 2005
2 3
The under cooked form of a chocolate-chip cookie, while solid it is still weak in structure
These Gloopies are good
by DaBigVT January 23, 2005
2 4
Feeling a mixture of miserable, depressed and melancholy.
I don't know why I am feeling so gloopy today.
by Jaqs November 20, 2006
21 27