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1. Misunderstood - Scouse aren't all theives.. Actually Manchester has a higher crime rate
2. A type of food, normally made in Liverpool and the surrounding area
3. Name for all the people who live in Liverpool and the surrounding area, e.g Knowsley, Kirbey, Prescott
4. Name for the Liverpool Football Club
1. A - "That scouse is gonna rob ur car"
B - "He's not they're alright people actually"

2. A - "What do you want for tea?"
B - "Can I have Scouse? I love it"

3. A - "Look at all thouse scouse supportin their team"
B - "Yes it makes you proud to be from Liverpool"

4. A - "The scouse are coming down for the footie tomorrow"
B - "I know, I hope they dont beat us by too many"
#liverpool #food #theive #racist #misunderstood
by MrLukee May 30, 2007
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