anything given to you by someone that hates you.
"Looks like that bitch gave you a scorpion."
by R March 10, 2004
a group of females that like to poke each others pussy (with clothes on) without pleasure
girl 1 & 2: *poke* girl 3: *moan* damn, why are you scorpions always poking me??
by Black Cracka April 23, 2010
a name given to an individual who dogs a group of people for another group. name is stuck to them for life.
fuck you andrew you scorpion faggot
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
Also known as a scorpion dive. A scorpion, in its colloquial usage, stands for a faceplant with very high forward momentum, sending one's legs above the head and, in worse cases, ending in a roll forward or (only on soft materials like gravel and loose dirt) sliding forward on one's chin. Causes high neck pain.
A: Hold my beer, see me do a minute-long nose manual on a motorbike!

12 seconds later... *crash* *screech* *ow*

B: Did that redneck just fall from his motorcycle, land a scorpion on gravel and keep sliding for 6 seconds?
by Egg F1337 June 14, 2016
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