A sexual Position in which the man places the woman in the doggie position and carefully lubes his finger with vaginal juices to then insert the thumb into the ANUS while penetrating vaginally with the penis. This position is enhanced with a tatoo of a scorpion on the hand therby denoting your signature move.
When she was about to Orgasm I gave her the Scorpion to enhance the feeling!
by Tom Foolery$ July 10, 2008
Sexual position where the man holds the girls legs up to waist height, while she balences on her hand. Almost identical to the wheelbarrow.

Popularized by pro skateboarder and satellite radio host, Jason Ellis.
"I was banging my girl doggy and then to her surprise I pulled her legs straight up and went right into the scorpion."
by bernard l. October 26, 2007
A powerful battle tank in Halo, that's most likely the deadliest weapon in the game. It has a cannon that shoots 90mm shells that can kill any infantry and most vehicles instantly, and also has a machine gun for close range. The machine gun was used by the driver/cannon shooter in Halo CE and 2 but was shifted to a passenger in Halo 3. It's much better than the Wraith tank, as it's faster (except if the Wraith uses its boosters), the shells are much faster, accurate and slightly stronger, and it only has one weak spot (the canopy that the driver gets into) unlike the Wraith which has two obvious ones. Naturally, it owns everything, and is so tough even a Spartan Laser can't destroy it one shot. Run!
The UNSC got a battalion of M808 MBT Scorpions and pwned several Wraiths and Scarabs in Halo.
by AoA February 19, 2009
A member of the arachnid family, one of the oldest and most successful groups of animals on this planet. In fact, some think the first animal to leave the sea was an arachnid. Scorpions have lobster-like claws and a tail which arches forward over their backs, ends in a sting. It's that sting which means they are feared and detested, but in fact only a small minority of scorpions are dangerously venomous. Scorpions live in a variety of environments, from tropical to desert regions. As a rule, species with larger and stronger-looking pincers tend to be safer. For example, scorpions like the Emporer Scorpion, Black Forest Scorpion (a guest on 'Clive Anderson Talks Back') and Egyptian Gold Scorpion are safe to handle and are kept as pets. Meanwhile, the Death Stalker and Fat-tailed Scorpions (which have small, narrow pincers), are dangerously venomous. The earliest known scorpion fossils are something like 400 million years old. Two ancient scorpions, Brontoscorpio and Gigantoscorpio, are thought to have each been a metre in length. Whenever I watch a scorpion, I can't help feeling I'm viewing the events of 400 million years ago.
An Emporer Scorpion called Spike, looked large and dramatic, was harmless to humans. Within in few years she had become a grandmother. RIP Spike, and her family, the last of whom died a couple of years ago
by Stormsworder November 15, 2006
a name for a powerful tank off of HALO
the scorpion is an awesome tank
by Dirge January 30, 2005
When your woman (or man) kicks up their right or left leg during sex or another intimate moment and it remains there. It either expresses extreme orgasmic joy or it means that you are rancid awful at sex.

Other names: Scorp, scian
"Dude, last night, I was so good my woman did a Scorpion."
"Man, you ain't that good, yo' gramma did a scorp for me."

"Last night, I was doin' "it" with my girl, and her leg kicks up."
"Dude. That's a Scorpion. It means your frikkin' bad at sex."
by analgator April 29, 2006
anything given to you by someone that hates you.
"Looks like that bitch gave you a scorpion."
by R March 10, 2004

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