That chick that always goes for the drunkest guy in the room.
And usually sleeps with him to get back at her imaginary boyfriend.
That bitch Rachel is a scorpion
by BBMwarrior January 04, 2011
In gymnastics, to land face-first with your heels over your head.
I did a faceplant today!
Yeah? Will i did a scorpion!
by that guy by the computer August 29, 2009
Stimlulating the g-spot from behind whilst inserting your thumb into the anus.
Gary '' Victoria let me Scorpion her yesterday and she fucking loved it. ''
Jeremy '' Did you smell your thumb? ''
Gary '' who wouldn't. ''
by FishMonster July 07, 2011
where one inserts the thumb into the vagina and the index finger into the anus and squeezes them together
Nick gave Shelly the Scorpion on Easter Sunday
by Nick April 10, 2004
this word is used for a specific and awkward position a person is forced into while in the act of falling... the persons face MUST be firmly planted on the ground while at the same time feel the force of forward momentum pulling their legs up and over ones shoulders. (in rare and painful occasions the persons heels can glance off the back of one's own head) this gives the on lookers the image of a perfectly executed scorpion in sting mode...

you can also use scorpion in this term as a verb particularly while trying to insult another person...
example A) the gymnast during her balance beam routine really scorpioned her self on that botched landing.

example B) I got mad at my girlfriends brother, so i told him to go scorpion himself!
by PCO DANCE TEAM July 27, 2009
A sexual Position in which the man places the woman in the doggie position and carefully lubes his finger with vaginal juices to then insert the thumb into the ANUS while penetrating vaginally with the penis. This position is enhanced with a tatoo of a scorpion on the hand therby denoting your signature move.
When she was about to Orgasm I gave her the Scorpion to enhance the feeling!
by Tom Foolery$ July 10, 2008
Arachnids with lobster-like pincers and tails bearing stingers. Scorpions have existed for a long time (the oldest known fossils are 400 million years old, and some early scorpions were much bigger than those of today - the fossilized Brontoscorpio and Gigantoscorpio are estimated to have been a metre long each in life). Scorpions possess a pair of feather-like forms under their stomachs which they use to 'feel' the ground for vibrations which could tell of nearby predators or prey. When mating, the male scorpion grasps the female by the pincers, deposits a 'package' of sperm onto the ground and then pulls the female over it, so she can lower herself and absorb it through an opening in her body. Despite their fearsome reputation, scorpions are not all dangerous. In fact many, like the Emperor Scorpions from West Africa and Black Forest Scorpions from Asia are harmless. A way of determining as to whether a scorpion may be dangerous is to look at its pincers. Harmless scorpions like Emperors and Black Forests have large strong pincers and relatively small tails. At the other end of the scale are the dreaded Fat-tail Scorpions, which have small, slender pincers and large muscular tails which can drive their deadly stingers through shoes. Scorpions exist in tropical, desert and scrubland environments.
Emperor Scorpions, Redclaw Scorpions, Black Forest Scorpions, Egyptian Gold Scorpions - all harmless, as I can assure you since I've kept them as pets in the past.
I'd just like to mention Spike, the grandmother of my family of Emperor Scorpions (now sadly all deceased). RIP Spike.
by StormSworder August 14, 2006

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