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The untanned portion of a woman's chestal region, which is usually covered by a bathing suit, and is thus more pale than the rest of her body.
I just glimpsed some cleavite. Score!
by bbf July 05, 2007
A prank to play on an unsuspecting male friend. When they least expect it, you silently approach them from behind, and thrust your entire arm through their legs and reach up towards their face, thus cradling their junk with your bicep. At the same time, you must yell "Scorpion!", and watch as they freak out.
I gave Josh the Scorpion, and he totally wigged out and jumped 3 feet in the air.
by bbf July 02, 2007
A prank to play on an unsuspecting female friend. You approach her silently from behind, and with both hands reach around and tweak her nipples, and yell "Lobster!" She will probably freak out and scream -- this is the desired effect.
I gave her the lobster as payback for the scorpion she gave me earlier.
by bbf July 02, 2007

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