(n) - American motorcycle (Harley-Davidson)
"It was a beautiful day. Did you go for a ride on the scoot?"

by Stewart Stakes April 04, 2006
Anybody that sucks at something or lacks a lot of skills; loser; scrub
"Ya'll suck. Ya'll some scoots." or "SCOOOOOOOT!!!"
by up_likewhat April 28, 2009
Noun: of, or pertaining to food, specifically a bean burrito (with or without cheese).
Person 1: "Hey man what did you order?"

Person 2: "Two scoots and a side of hot sauce."
by cactusjacksoup November 01, 2010
The combination of weed and tobacco. You then smoke it.
Yo pass the bong, I want a scoot
by soucemagoose November 07, 2010
Another word for semen originating from a small town called Perth situuated in the heart of Scotland.

Also used as an insult to somebody
"oh my god Dave just scooted all over me"

"oi you ya scoot! you better get lost before i scoot all over you.
by thommyd01 December 02, 2011
To walk on the floor without lifting up your feet
Hey gramm's, where u scootin' 2?
by Hosasus May 16, 2005
When you don't agree with someone; another insult; anything negative.
You a scoot ass nigga.

Joe: I love dick. James: Ahh shit. Joe's a scoooooot.
by RealNigga. July 27, 2012

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