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To move quickly, esp in fleeing or escaping.
When they saw the cops they scooted right out of there.
by Cat July 03, 2003
18 21
Verb: describes when a dog rubs its dirty anus along the carpet to dislodge clagnuts. See also scoot ass.
We will have to train Rover not to scoot in the lounge before we buy new carpet.
by Dan Fox June 25, 2003
20 23
A fat lazy person. Will probably end up living in a trailer and not cleaning due to his failure as a guitarist. A scrub.
"Hey Scoot, show me your guitar skills"
by Fatty McFattits November 28, 2009
20 24
awful, bad, etc.
That layout is scoots!
by chickendrop July 17, 2008
6 10
1/British/ Australian slang :
to go on a 'drinking binge',to be 'off the wagon', to go on a 'pub crawl'.
2/ to run around crazily, to show signs of mental illness
1/"I think Mike's taken a knock to the head, he's really on the scoot"
2/"I saw Rob at the pub last night,he was really on the scoot"
by hamish.b. h June 07, 2006
4 8
a one-hundred dollar bill
"I used two scoots and a five to buy those shoes."
by dnell November 20, 2006
7 12
A verb used at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, which describes the action of riding a moped from point A to point B
"It so freakin cold out, but still i have to scoot to class."
by hutchins October 08, 2005
5 10