1. Scooby doo = clue if you are a wannabe cockney wanker

2. A cartoon dog.

3. The way a certain type of fool refers to a subaru impreza car. These are the same fools that spend all day on scoobynet becuase they have blagged thier way into crap IT jobs and have nothing better to do. Beware going to scoobynet.co.uk and mentioning that actually subarus are not the fastest cars in the world may result in people sending you death threats.
1> I ain't got a scooby me old china.

2> scooby dooby dooo

3> So there I was right behind this porshce 911 turbo in my scooby doing eighty then I floored it accerlerated so fast I took off over took it and left it in my wake.
by the daddy February 26, 2004
a massive, paranoid, overweight, brain dead, binge-eating great dane with a really annoying speech problem and nasty liver spots.
I cant stand that bitch! Shes such a scooby. Someone throw her a hoagie.
by blackbarbie412 November 29, 2007
Use whenever you want to say ''Shit happens'', ''Life's a bitch'', ''Oh well'', well pretty much anything... popularized by Fred Brathwaite a.k.a. Fab 5 Freddy in the freshest movie of all time, Wildstyle (circa 1982)
Fab 5 Freddy in Wildstyle: ''Bitin' your style, man? And they come out here and make money, like, tryin' to hustle me man? Scooby Doo!''
by Charlo March 29, 2005
A person who claims to be a devout fan of a movie or book, yet they have not seen or read the original version.
"My friend says he loves the movie Psycho, but he has only seen the remake. He's definitely a scooby"

"My mother is a scooby. She says she is a fan of Harry Potter, but she's never read any of the books! She has only seen the movies."
by wrogers April 08, 2009
when wearing clothes you get your two fingers ready and shove fingers into asshole region.
i was walking up the stairs and i heard a "scooby" and then i felt a sharp pain in my asshole.
by birvagina October 08, 2007
1) When you do not know the answer to something.

2) A plastic lace to make key rings.

3) A cartoon dog that can talk.
1) ''Has Marlon realised Amy and Mogilf are lesbians for each other yet?''
''Haven't a scooby.''

2) ''Look at the cool scooby key ring I made last night.''

3) ''I want to watch Scooby Doo on the television as he is a talking dog and solves mysterious.''
''So do I. I love Scooby Doo.''
by Sperm Merchant September 24, 2006

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