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A term for Subaru Impreza. (car)
haw man, that scoobie's pure dead fast like.
by qaz June 09, 2005


An affectionate nickname given to any close friend, who you think of more as a family member than just a friend. Someone who you would come to aid at a drop of a hat.

-Similar to Broski, but in a more loving, less homophobic way-

---- Derived from a Scooby-Do reference, where Scooby is always around Shaggy, and they are there for each other no matter what adventure may arise.
person A to person B: Hey whats up Scoobie?

Person B: Who is Scoobie?

Person A: You are.

Person B: whats the meaning behind it?

Person A: Scooby Do reference. Its anyone who you think of more of a family member than a friend.

Person B: Awwwwwww, thanks
by johnny mc awesome January 03, 2011
A clue, ie replacing clue in the sentence "I don't have a clue". Scots slang
A' asked ma maw who ma da wiz but she didnae hae a scoobie
by The Mongoose June 11, 2005
Playing with ones private bits
* Rascal plays with her scoobie
* ^TwItCh^ plays with his scoobie
by pynx May 07, 2006
To give someone head (oral Sex)
Baby, you going to give me some scoobie tonight!?
by Noble Woman November 15, 2007
Three pieces of thin rubber plaited together to make a nose like object usually then worn around the wrist or on shoe laces.
you can find large packs of 'fashion string' in various shops these are usually constructed by the 11-13 female chav making them look like easten european ophan making these to sell to the nearest passing western tourist.
by Daniel Read May 30, 2005
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