The act of taking a massive crap.
Me- Dude, Spence, I gotta take a massive scooby!!!
by Stoked December 09, 2005
A word that can be substituted for anyother word; noun, verb, adjective, etc.
-The party last night was pretty scooby.
-Yo, are you tryin to scooby?
-I went to the scooby but they ran out of scoobies so I scoobied over to the scooby but then I got pulled over by a fucking scooby, it was most unscooby.
by Whamoo November 15, 2007
another work for a joint
pass dat scooby
by Russ Collins April 29, 2003
British slang reference to the automotive brand of Subaru in general and to the Impreza 4 door saloon or 5 door wagon specifically.
Wow! just listen to the sound from that Scooby!
by Fixer December 08, 2007
1. Name of the super snoof dog of Scooby Doo best friends with Shaggy. He was always hungry for a Scooby-Snak.

2. The name of the Florida canine unit who got "his Scooby Snak" from a man robbing a liquor store and then running from the police.
1. "Hey Scooby remember you're 'Grandma Scooby', and 'Grandma Scooby' don't chase cats. So sit down and have a Scooby Snak. Scooby tries to ignore Freddy. Freddy pops Scooby in the nose. Scooby got really pissed and hit Freddy back really hard, giving him a nose bleed.

2. A man robs a Florida liquor store, steals some cigarettes. The police in that area spotted him running, they go after him, he looks back at the police, giving them the signal to unleash the Police Dog named Scooby. Scooby bites him in the manhood, tearing off his family jewels. Scooby almost swallows it. The robber is in the next realm of pain. He ends up in the hospital. They get the man's "package" out of the dog's mouth. And they put it back on the robber who stole the cigarettes. This really happened in Florida, 2 years ago So I'm not making this up.

Aw, he was just wungry and wanted his Scooby Snaks.
by Saints June 21, 2004
The Coolest best friend you'd want to chill and talk too... You want them around u all the time

{lik shaggy nd scoody doo}
Yo she had me dying last night dats my scooby for real..
by Jah_BuGgyI April 04, 2010
An uncommon synonym for 'joint, spliff, zoot' etc. Originates from the term 'doobie' or 'dooby' which was popular in the 60s and 70s & can often be extended to 'Scooby Doo'
Person 1: I can smell something spicey, who's smoking a scooby?!
Person 2: I know! I want some tokes on that Scooby Doo!
by PuckerUpFoMe October 20, 2010

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