when wearing clothes you get your two fingers ready and shove fingers into asshole region.
i was walking up the stairs and i heard a "scooby" and then i felt a sharp pain in my asshole.
by birvagina October 08, 2007
1) When you do not know the answer to something.

2) A plastic lace to make key rings.

3) A cartoon dog that can talk.
1) ''Has Marlon realised Amy and Mogilf are lesbians for each other yet?''
''Haven't a scooby.''

2) ''Look at the cool scooby key ring I made last night.''

3) ''I want to watch Scooby Doo on the television as he is a talking dog and solves mysterious.''
''So do I. I love Scooby Doo.''
by Sperm Merchant September 24, 2006
Long, thin bits of soft plastic tubing that you plait and weave together. A massive hit with kids in the U.K, and starting to get popular in Australia. Come in metalic, neon, and clear glittery colours.
Those kids do nothing but make scoobies all day long!
by witchybini October 09, 2005
As an adjective scooby means very nice or superb.
Person 1: "What do you think of this bud?"
Person 2: "Totally fucking scooby, man."

by Skeeter-Hoe May 09, 2003
Scotty Seamonsters Obese Swollen Abnormally Large Endowment Of Pectoral Man Flesh.
Matt: Yo Scott
Scott: Hey You Guys!?!?!?
Matt: You need to get those scoobys reduced.
by Scotty Small Sack September 29, 2003
a popular dog
Scooby-Doo doodoo on my hair doo.
by ScoobyDooDoo May 21, 2004
to leave and go somewhere
Are you ready to scooby?
by Amanda December 10, 2004
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