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to gain an advantage in a line such as on an interstate highway exit or when two lanes are merging into one.
There was a line of 30 cars in the exit lane, but I schweefed in front of all them to save time.
by BookmDanno February 29, 2008
When your man pubes are completely grown out, and you smack your bitch in the face with them. To your discontent, your pubes get caught on her snaffle tooth, sending your entire bush into her mouth
Damn Dalton, did you totally Schweef Casey?
by BIGDCK October 28, 2014
The extremely long hairs used in a combover
Wow, That guy's schweef got messed up outside in the wind
by BookmDanno February 29, 2008
a shart explled through the vagina; thus the combination of a shart and queef
Mexican food gives Debbie the schweefs.
by Me-Bitch December 27, 2006
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