dried shit
They evaporated the shit and got schnit
by Damien December 31, 2003
Top Definition
1.) Shit or oh crap.

2.) Also could describe some thing.
1.) Aww schnit I forgot my dildo.
2.) Look at that schnit.
by alexandria August 26, 2004
The shit a person takes after eating a schnitzel.
well its been an hour after eating that schnitzel, must be time to take a schnit!
by knorts October 20, 2012
The action of sneezing so hard you shit yourself.
;Cody"oh I schnit myself"
by Mccoregore January 19, 2016
(n) slang word for cocaine in the powder form. Likely derived from the combination of the words "sniff" and "shit."
Yo let's get some more of that schnit!
by JHop May 13, 2008
A shortened version of schiznit. It's like saying something is "the shit", but without swearing.

One less syllable will save time.
Did you see his new iPhone? Yea, it's the schnit!
by zigzag219 August 22, 2007
means no, first derived from a scottish word for no, "nit".
-"the gig's cancelled tonight, drummer broke his arm"

- "oh schnit! thats crap."
by ron_jon17 February 19, 2007

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