Top Definition
Fossilized shit, pure and simple.
Coprolites make good birthday gifts for your not-so-loved ones.
by RoseThourne April 24, 2007
Fossilised turd.
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
Technical term for fossilised dung - literally, an ancient piece of shit. Can be used to refer to anything to which this description applies, such as electronic items which no longer work correctly due to their age.
You really need a new laptop, the one you've got is a coprolite.
by Serine February 23, 2011
A more scientifically sound way of saying that someone is talking out of date bullshit
He's talking a loads of coprolite
by 2310 April 01, 2004
Old crap that was farted out 61 million years ago but smells worse than it did back then.
Scientist 1: Okay, I'm gonna cut up this coprolite and check out this animals diet.
Scientist 2: Whoooweee! That smells like your grandma's cunt!
by Erin Wakey Balowey December 04, 2003

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