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Variation of schmuddlapp based on quasi-germanic pronunciation of schmuddlapp.
Don't be a schmoot. You owe me a jack and coke.
by Schmarzen March 17, 2004
35 14
to bust the biggest load of your life on that hoe
Johnny schmooted right on Michelle's titties.
by Curtis Thirteen December 12, 2010
3 8
When you fart and it travels down your leg, and it tickles really badly.
Agghh crap dude i schmooted and it tickles really bad.
by swamp cookie January 13, 2008
8 16
The coolest person in the room!
Schmoot, gimme a couple of bucks, you're the greatest.
OR, that guy Schmoot really nailed the lead guitar part!
by Schmoot66 July 10, 2008
6 15