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Owner of the first english chan website, 4chan.
moot is fucking crazy.
by Doug Yaler May 08, 2005
Moot refers to both one of the couple admins of the English chan site, 4chan, and something that is trivial, worthless, or down-right silly and unnecessary.
1. Moot's gonna ban your troll ass, and there's nothing you can do about it.

2. Your question is moot so I refuse to answer your silly little inquiries.
by none4any1 June 11, 2007
Moot (noun): Vagina - slang word originating possibly in Australia (it has been used there for at least 20 years or more).

Pronounced like the "foot" at the end of your leg.

Etymology: Possible origins from the English slang "Mott" of the same meaning.
I'd like to see her moot.
by Wordsmyth 2000 December 08, 2009
A haphazard, lazy aristocratic person or animal destine to serve only themselves. Especially, in front of a crowd that is abashed and stifled by their awe inspiring charm.
A nonreciprocating type of being.

Relies on cuteness and manipulation to spellbind their host.
Hey! That's the moot that wiped his feet on Rick James's couch!
by Marshanklius January 16, 2016
Noun from World of Warcraft, derived from an infamous individual called Moots who was know to be 'Ghey'

The name has formed to a couple of uses - one being randomly shouted out in instances, or world chat on-line.

The other being to describe something wrong, foolish or uncool, as recently heard on Radio - 'Thats so Moots of you'
Used as a general statement on its own: 'Moots is Ghey' to announce ones presence to the vicinity, or to describe something uncool, foolish, or just wrong as in 'That is so Moots' or 'You are so Moots'
by Pinkygotyou July 20, 2006
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