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Yiddish for small penis. Not a flattering term. Often used to describe a person in unflattering terms.
Herbie is such a schmeckel he can't get the same date twice.
Herbie's such a schmeckel the girls at the office nicknamed him "Is it In?" Herbie.
by snappy2 March 31, 2008
A jewish term reffering to a dick
damn dude go get your schmeckel checked out
by schmeles September 22, 2010
The word used in a joke told by Gene Simmons on the Today Show, causing Shannon Tweed to tell him to "Fuck off."
My schmeckel is now broken after being inserted into 3,000+ women.
by Hareeb Olsakk June 15, 2011
1. Yiddish word used for a schmuck, but who is a little more benign, a more stupid and uninformed schmuck.

2. used also for a pre-pubescent penis, not yet fully grown.
1. He is a real schmeckel, for stealing sheets from the hotel laundry room for a toga party, with a policeman watching.

2. My 11 year old son is just discovering that his schmeckel
may be used for something else other than peeing.
by Martin Lizerbram September 25, 2007
The Yiddish term for the forskin of the penis.
Irving had his schmeckel sliced off by a mohel at his briss.
They served a nice deli platter too.
by David Glaiser April 03, 2008
A jewish penis freckel
Jhonny pulled his pants down to reveal his schmeckel
by Pal Penis March 20, 2007
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