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When Essendon is winning a match well, this can be used in conjunction with the words DESTROYATION.
"Essendon have gone bang, bang, bang. Essendon have bombed Sydney to the schissenhousen. Forget Pearl Harbour, they are making it look like a crop dusting."

"Essendon have blown Carlton to the schissenhousen. How do you spell schissenhousen cause Carlton have been blown there?"
by Habibapotamus May 20, 2004
More of Mr Rex Hunt's best work.
"As cunning as a schissenhousen rat up a drainpipe"
by Bobo Vieri May 15, 2004
A german interpretation of shit house.
Often used by a Mr Rex Hunt, when calling football matches.
ie. Up and over the hill, pull the pin out of the grenade and blow the enemy to the Schissenhousen.
by Habib May 13, 2004
Another quote from Mr Rex Hunt
"They have huffed, they have and puffed, and they have blown Collingwoods season to the schissenhousen. This is capital S for schissenhousen"
by Bobo Vieri May 15, 2004
Something that isn't good. The act of being bad or useless.
"If you look up capital S, there is a description for that shot under Schissenhousen."
by Habibapotamus May 23, 2004
Can be used in conjunction with a carter's hat.

This is when a team/person is flat and haven't fired a shot, just like Clinton G.
As flat as a Schissenhousen Carter's hat.
by Habibapotamus May 15, 2004
A bad place where you don't want to be.
When the fat lady is thinking about singing 20 minutes into the first quater you know that one team is going to be blown to the schissenhousen.
by Habibapotamus May 30, 2004
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