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The proccess of destroying a team. Usually there is a large margin between the two teams.

One team is being blown to the Schissenhousen.
They took it up and went bang. Wagons Hoooooo. My goodness gracious me, this is no a DESTROYATION. The score is 11 11 77 Lord Neilson.
by Habibapotamus May 21, 2004
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to completely and utterly destroy someone beyond belief. this is the idea of an amazingly epic act of destroying such as in a facebook or myspace comment off. the whole idea about destroyation is to make the person you are trying to kill verbally feel absolutely and completely terrible about themselves. destroy own pwn epic revenge
if someone leaves a completely unneccesary and ridiculously stupid comment on a picture or on the wall of your facebook or myspace, you leave a comment that is so amazing and thought out...that every person that reads that will feel their insides slowly rotting out and their self esteem drop down to the fiery depths of hell. this is the perfect way to own someone with epic revenge.
"On friday night, I did some ill destroyation on Kari's picture comment. That fucking cunt got pwned."
by thedestroyerchick January 02, 2009
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