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dumb ass aim shit its funny as hell though.
nugenmobile (4:23:26 PM): whats my name
SmarterChild (4:23:27 PM): Jesus!
nugenmobile (4:23:32 PM): say my name
SmarterChild (4:23:32 PM): You're Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:23:37 PM): say my naem bitch
SmarterChild (4:23:38 PM): I'm no talking doll.
nugenmobile (4:23:43 PM): say my name bitch
SmarterChild (4:23:44 PM): You told me your name was Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:23:58 PM): im gonna fuck you up the ass
SmarterChild (4:23:58 PM): OK... I tried to warn you.

Say you're sorry, Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:24:07 PM): im sorry jesus
SmarterChild (4:24:07 PM): Alright, alright. I accept.
nugenmobile (4:24:16 PM): pigfucker
SmarterChild (4:24:16 PM): I wonder why you say pigfucker.
nugenmobile (4:24:26 PM): because i know you like to fuck pigs
by Habib August 06, 2004
Really sexy, handsome, and cool. Someone who always gets the hottest girl in town.
"David trys so hard to be a Tamim, but girls always reject him"
"Tommy is just like a Tamim"
by Habib August 18, 2003
A person from the Middle East who reigns supreme over all others. A term used to describe a Arab on top of their game.
Nasser is an Arabian Knight cause he has all the best clothers, drives a nice car and is followed by pretty ladies.
by Habib November 13, 2003
baddest cunt in chat ever
Darkmunch is here again that cunt
by Habib December 08, 2004
A german interpretation of shit house.
Often used by a Mr Rex Hunt, when calling football matches.
ie. Up and over the hill, pull the pin out of the grenade and blow the enemy to the Schissenhousen.
by Habib May 13, 2004
lovable ammalgamative product of nature
"what a chimpy kinda guy"
by habib March 31, 2004
A form of homeless person who sleeps in public toilets and then steals the toilet paper for personal use.
Shit!, that guy is using toilet roll as a hanky, he must be a Sturfly
by Habib March 09, 2004
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