people need to fucking stop stereotyping about what they think is scene emo indie hardcore etc yea you'll say we all look the fucking same but dude every group of peopple or friends has some type of style thats what makes it a group something unique if how we dress is a little more outrageous than you who fuckin cares were not fucking hurting you get a life and get over yourself youre not better tahn anybody else no matter who you fucing are im tired of all the stereotypical cliche labels people are giving each other when you were born you were given a name thats your label not scecester emo kid or even prep jock wiger nigger so on stop fucking hating on the people you dont know but wish you could somehow be like and get a fucking life
gay ass prepp- emo kids are so gay

'scenester'- shut the fuck up and stop fucking labeling people
by July 24, 2006
A person, usually part of a group, or a person who - more importantly - WANTS to be part of a group who defines there inner character by their outer appearence. Subsequently creating a paradox and consequent void in their personality.

Most scenesters model themselves on a certain stereotypical person from a certain window in popular culture for example 'Mods', 'Punks', 'Hardcore', 'Beatniks', 'New Ravers' etc. Most scenesters base themselves on band members from their selected type of music. Despite 'Indie Rockers' being the classical 'scenester' in Britain 'Mods' seem to be taking over.

The true problem of scenster behaviour is that it is throughly based in the superficial. Scenesters only hang around with equally scene people and rate ,compliment and base their friendships on how good (or mostly ridiculous) each other look. The weirder and more original the better. 'Original' here however refers to something you have seen on another and copied whilst avoiding others discovering what idea you stole.

A few popular 'Original' looks include:

* Blunt Fringes
* American Apparel Clothing
* Red lipstick on Women
* Skinny Jeans on Men
* Vintage Clothing worn simultaneously resulting in Time Warp appearence
* Woody Allen glasses
* Berets
* Charity shopping items
* Being Heroin Chic skinny

Some non Mod scensterisms

* Shiny Leggings
* Florescent T-shirts from the 80's
* Androgyny
* Fake Bling
* As many clashing patterns and colours as you can get away with.

Personally my favourite aspect of the scenester is the vocabulary which tends to be stunted and abbreviated beyond apprehension. A smart scenester will make their own code words so that they can be totally 'original'

Popular scenesterisms include

*The sex
*Uber ( + anything i.e. Ubercool, Uberhot, Uberfun )
* Le (the french word) before an English Noun.
* J'adore (again stolen from the french)
'Oh my god, did you get that from AA? It's Uberhot. I was going to get a scoop but I J'adore the high necks. I'm not a scenester though...'
'Your clothes are hurting my eyes.'

'He's so horrible, he touched my hand when I handed him le money'
'But hes only a cashier'

by Tonka Miller August 22, 2008
like an emo kid but far more self-absorbed. claims to have a love of all kinds of music but hates mainstream and usually listens to emo and/or "hardcore". these people claim to be individual but are infact clones of eachother. usually found at local shows wearing mostly black, tight jeans, band tee's and greasy black hair covering one eye. most people dont see many scensters out during the day, thats because the hate the sunlight. refer to!

a lot of scensters claim to be straight edge or sXe so they dont drink, do drugs or have sex. in some extremes they are vegans. however half of them are bellow the legal age to drink and smoke anyway and just use the term straight edge to make them feel better.

in short, a scenster is a pasty faced skinny little bastard, who hates anyone outwith the scene. has small or no genitls, and spends all their time on myspace or vampire freaks only venturing out at night for food and possibly a show.
scenesters suck, no examples needed
by scona May 11, 2006
Most likely a 12-14 kid who thinks bands such as Bless the Fall are brutal. They tend to dye their hair unnatural colors and go to shows looking like fags. A scenester actually thinks he/she is different when really they are a dime a dozen.
Scenester: Did u just hear that breakdown?!? Ya Bless the fall is so awesome!

Normal Person:....ur fucking gay
by Pop sucks ballz September 07, 2009
The scenester is a male, female, or an "it" usually falling between the ages of 16-21. At the core of their lifestyle is their apparent love for music, usually of an obscure genre. Their clothing and attitude reflects their taste in music. Scenesters usually migrate in groups, most of them are the same person, and therefore look very similar. The typical scenester wears a t-shirt usually from Hot Topic (although the more "conformist" scenesters go to Stitches) and a pair of tight jeans. Their accessories include awkward headwear, oversized aviators, plastic jewelry, and the scenester can often be seen with a cigarette at hand. Scenesters, as the name suggests, are the first to hop onto a bandwagon - whether it's longboarding or the new drug. Scenesters found on the internet have usernames typically consisting of two words seperated by an "x." Members of this species usually travel in mid-90's sedans in large numbers. Scenesters are often mistaken for their more common, upbeat cousin - the hipster.
Gatekeeper: "Are you guys here to see the drifters?"

Scenester: "Sure are." (Takes short drag on cigarette.)

Scenester 1: "Goin' to the Rise Against concert?"

Scenester 2: "Fuck you!"

Scenester 3: "Fuck!"
by The Oppression of The Man May 25, 2009
A scenester is a person who wishes to fit into a scene or subculture to feel good about themselves. They think making friends with, and acting like, the people in a particular scene will make them better/happier/cooler. It doesn't. They do not actually belong to the scene, because they do not follow the principles which built the scene. So all in all, a pretty shallow kind of person.
Scenester: my god i lyk xLUVx punk

Punk: so what're your politics?

Scenester: omgz, i dont do politics, i just lyk, sooo luv the scene, u kno?

Punk: *pushes headfirst into a bin*
by Y0URIMAGINARYFRIEND February 08, 2008
A stereotype.
It is based on people putting teens down for what fashion they like.
Everyone follows them...
but only "REAL SCENESTERES" know what its all about.
I wear skinny jeans and flats.
SO does that make me scene.
NO, i just like the clothes.
I listen to all kinds of music.
Does that make me a poser too?
You know,
People say SCENE kids all look alike.
So do you and the people you hang out with.
Sterotypes are dumb.
AND usually biased.
You guys should really get a life.
dont hate cuz your not as fashionable as me.
dont be a player hater.
by Elizabeth*Marie June 03, 2007
a boy or girl into the scene. goes to shows, listens to hardxcore music. they look like emo kids, but arent emotinal. they most of the time are stuck up. dark hair, or bleached blonde, snake bites, septum ring, choppy hair both for boys and girl


have either short hair
or extensions, with some blonde or very colourful colours
big hair and very voulumized and chopped short at top
ballet looking shoes
skin tight pants and shirts
or leggins with mini jean skirt or dress
bows in the hair
and bat, diamond, or hellokitty neckalce


black hair
long in front, spikey and volumized in the back and top of hair
tight pants and shirts
lip rings
hang around scene chicks all the time
sometimes black nail polish
most of the kids on myspace are scenesters, lyk zomfg
by ErinNichole March 18, 2007

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