Any (usually cover-charge/drink paying) customer who supports the bands that compose the scene. A vital component to any scene!
Without the scenesters there would be no scene!
by Etch July 16, 2006
Scenesters are effectivelyh people who follow any trend that has become 'cool'. For example, guys have started to wear black shirts, red ties, skinny black jeans and Converse because bands like My Chemical Romance or Green Day do. While it may be acceptable to dress preppily/smartly if you actually go to gigs, listen to non-mainstream music and actually involve yourself within a scene, scenesters just pretend to so that they can boast about their unbelievably cool state of indie or emo over everyone else.
Indie Scenester: 'Do you know about The Block Party? They're going to be HUGE, like, seriously bigger than Franz Ferdinand, but I don't like Franz anymore since they became big.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Yeah, I saw them live back in 2003 supporting Interpol.'

Indie Scenester: 'Aren't Interpol that band that don't speak in their songs? God, instumentals speak to me in so many more ways that singing does.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Whatever.' *Sighs*

Emo Scenester: 'OMFG I fucking LOVE MCR, they r the best band since Green Day cos the singer is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!! <3'

Both Indie Kids: 'Shut up.'

Emo: *Cries*
by Gabriel, Thee Indie December 11, 2005
a chaotic mixture between a scene kid and a hipster. This is typically shown with the stereotypical scene hair cuts (short to medium length and brightly colored for females, and medium to long and typically black for males) and hipster styled clothing. This is usually leggings, large shirts, and slip on shoes. A scenester will believe that they were original in their style and did this far before any one else and, and before "scene" and "hipster" became mainstream.
by Original Panda January 16, 2012
A scenester is someone who does their hair in some pretty cool ways, dresses in tight clothes, and participates in the local music scene, either by being in a band, supporting a band, or going to local shows a lot. They have respect for others and tend to be really nice people, as opposed to scene kids, who just try their hardest to be amazing, but inevitably fail.
"Hey guys! Let's gather up the other scenesters and head over to that local band's show tomorrow night! I love seeing a good show." "Yeah, but... Hopefully no scene kids will be there..."
by dstryr/dstryr April 01, 2010
An ex-scene kid who believes that they have grown up because they cut their hair, began wearing black, thick-framed glasses, and replaced their band tees with sweaters, but still dons the same beliefs, personality, and taste in music as before. A trend from 2012-2013 that is still currently ongoing. Scenesters are physically very close to the look of the "Hipster", but do not tend to have a hipster outlook on trends, music, etc.
Girl: My gosh, my ex cut off all his hair the other day claiming that scene kids are dead and it's time to grow up.
Friend: Oh my god, no way.

Girl: Little did he know I caught him listening to Blood on the Dance Floor the other day.

Friend: NO WAY!? What a scenester!
Girl: Yeah, you can change a scene kids clothes, but you can't change the scene kid.
by The_Brimmy June 12, 2013
a person who has a myspaceaccount with pictures of themselves from different angles. these angles are often taken from above never actauly showing their entire face.

In the event that their face actaully is in the picture:
-lips are often scrunched to one side
-hand is making a peace sign
-eyes are looking up.
Did u see that scenesters pic on myspace? i love all the eyliner she put on. now i'm gonna go dye my hair black.
by Lulubalah February 28, 2006
someone who is scene has new original fashion sense and hates to be like anybody else. However, this is a contradiction in itself as most scenesters all look the same and wear the same clothes. A true scenester does not know they are "scene" therefore anyone who claims to be scene is, quite frankly, not.
Fake scenester: "Hey dude I'm so scene, its just completely rad."

Person: "But dude how do you know?"

Fake scenester: "Because I just like blatantly am. I totally heart polka dots."

Person: "Fake titwank."
by sallyyes June 02, 2006
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