like an emo kid but far more self-absorbed. claims to have a love of all kinds of music but hates mainstream and usually listens to emo and/or "hardcore". these people claim to be individual but are infact clones of eachother. usually found at local shows wearing mostly black, tight jeans, band tee's and greasy black hair covering one eye. most people dont see many scensters out during the day, thats because the hate the sunlight. refer to vampirefreaks.com.!

a lot of scensters claim to be straight edge or sXe so they dont drink, do drugs or have sex. in some extremes they are vegans. however half of them are bellow the legal age to drink and smoke anyway and just use the term straight edge to make them feel better.

in short, a scenster is a pasty faced skinny little bastard, who hates anyone outwith the scene. has small or no genitls, and spends all their time on myspace or vampire freaks only venturing out at night for food and possibly a show.
by scona May 11, 2006
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A stereotype.
It is based on people putting teens down for what fashion they like.
Everyone follows them...
but only "REAL SCENESTERES" know what its all about.
I wear skinny jeans and flats.
SO does that make me scene.
NO, i just like the clothes.
I listen to all kinds of music.
Does that make me a poser too?
You know,
People say SCENE kids all look alike.
So do you and the people you hang out with.
Sterotypes are dumb.
AND usually biased.
You guys should really get a life.
dont hate cuz your not as fashionable as me.
dont be a player hater.
by Elizabeth*Marie June 03, 2007
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someone who is scene has new original fashion sense and hates to be like anybody else. However, this is a contradiction in itself as most scenesters all look the same and wear the same clothes. A true scenester does not know they are "scene" therefore anyone who claims to be scene is, quite frankly, not.
Fake scenester: "Hey dude I'm so scene, its just completely rad."

Person: "But dude how do you know?"

Fake scenester: "Because I just like blatantly am. I totally heart polka dots."

Person: "Fake titwank."
by sallyyes June 02, 2006
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People who follow some sort of trend, usually music-related fashion. For a scenester, it's not about meaning or substance, it's about appearance.

"Emo", Indie, and Punk have a lot of scenesters.
I saw two scenesters walk into the supermarket today. They weren't together, but they both had the same hair cut, tight pants, the same studded belt, and a parent's credit card.
by iam rght February 12, 2006
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Scene/ Scenester / Scene Kid is a person who is associated with the MUSIC SCENE, usually being hardcore/punk rock type music. Pays close attention to the latest fashion trends and usually tries to make it their own. Usually has a myspace featuring dinosaurs guns etc. Sometimes they are very elitist especially to youths who copy their personal styles.

Apearence: Tight band shirts, shirts with random pictures on them like bright dinosaurs and guns, tight girl pants, bandanas around neck and wrists, converse or skate shoes, choppy self-cut hair many times dyed/streaked, hoodies, no hats, bright colors, piercings, www.hottopic.com for most scene clothing examples

Music: Scenesters /Scene Kids are all about the music! they LOVE music with a PASSION and know tons of underground bands and listen to almost anything as long as its not too "mainstream" or too "pop/country"

Attitude: Scenesters /Scene Kids are very happy, have very high self-esteem, are very RANDOM, care alot about personal appearance, are very social, and are very stuck up, and love random things like dinasours and robots, guns and stars and whales, mudkips

Activities: Shows/Parties/Myspace where they have tons of friends, finding new music

Negativity1: Many Scenesters /Scene Kids are said to be posers, lack originality, try-hard to look like their favorite band. BUT you can say the same for ALL stereotypes, the hiphop, punk, goth, metal, jock, prep, harajuku, weeaboo, furry, pretty much any fashion following stereotypes out there

Negativity2: Others mistake Scene for Emo but they are NOT the same. Emo kids are so sad to the point of killing themselves or atleast act like it. and Emocore don't wear girl pants
ScenesterSchelle: SUP NIG
Anonymous: So i herd you liek MUDKIPS
ScenesterSchelle: OMFG you know i am nigga. UR so radd. (:
by lance iss anonymouse March 08, 2007
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okay, I usually want to make my definitions pretty unbiased (if that's even a word). In the case of the word scene, though, I do not feel like I am being biased when I define it the way I do because I feel like being scene is, overall, a pretty negative thing. Anyway...

Scenester: A person who is scene, obviously. The basic goal of a scenester is to be non-conformist, and in order to do that, they conform to the scene style. In other words, they are a complete and utter poser. Typical scene style and behavior consists of:
-short, choppy, black hair (this is a must for males and females), often with a stripe or chunk of an unnatural color or bleach.
-band shirts, generally emo bands
-skinny jeans for girls, girls jeans for guys
-Converses or Vans
-bright colors paired with black
-polka dots
-dinosaurs, robots, or other kiddyish fantasy-type ideas
-girly ribbons for girls
-Myspace account, with tons of pouty pictures at weird angles
-typing (and often talking) with weird phrases, like HARDXCORE, KTHNXBAI, and others

The number one trick to being scene, though, is to deny that you are scene, because even though you know you are, you're supposed to think labels are for soup cans.
Scenester: Hey, look at my new polka-dot dinosaur t-shirt and hair that I cut myself last night while blindfolded! I am so hardxcore.
Normal Person: You're such a scene poser, go a away.
Scenester: I am SO not! Besides, labels are for soup cans. kthnxbai.
by Katinthehat April 25, 2007
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One of those kids that has an emo haircut and looks/acts just like an emo kid , but thinks way higher of themselfs. They obsess over robots , ninjas , pirates , mix tapes , and pistols & any kind of art that involves any of those. They are the annoying snobby preps of the alternative kids.
Scenester talk: "So I started this new band , we just came up with the name: 'June in November'. Like , how do you like it?"
by IAmShanon November 29, 2005
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