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The process of sneaking up behind somebody and pulling down their trousers.
Watch out or Brian will scant you!
by Kath January 05, 2005
Underpants. Male or Female.
Jane: Did you see Jill?
Jenny: Yeah, she's such a slapper. She wore a pair of boogie shorts with no scants underneath.
Jane: What a slag
by xxdanbrowne July 27, 2009
Is short for a scandalous person.
I can't hang with her that b*tch is scant!
by Lucky77LT September 30, 2010
A skank ass ho.
Heather White is a scant.
by Tyson Holstein April 24, 2003
A whore, a slut, a skank
Damn, that Jessica is a scant.
by Jason April 24, 2003
another word for broke or not having any money
I cant go out tonight, Im scant
by me March 01, 2004
1. A skank; bitch; ho
2. A boring woman; an older woman who drones on and on.
1. Cori sure is a scant.
2. Ugh...would she that scant shut up already?
by Nihilanth September 01, 2005

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