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9 definitions by Kath

The process of sneaking up behind somebody and pulling down their trousers.
Watch out or Brian will scant you!
by Kath January 05, 2005
62 44
Something or someone who is so beyond cool, hip or happening. you may use it when you see someone you think is so hot and happening
"O MY God Twanna.. That Boy is So Lynchy, He makes me so horny"
by Kath July 06, 2004
22 13
A crazy bastard who smiles constantly and loves maths and chess and dungeons and dragons
Girl: Hey Pym, wanna have sex?
Pym: Do you know any equations for that?
Girl: No...
Pym: Not interested, sorry.
by Kath November 03, 2004
7 8
MTV show where 6 teamates completes missions to win MONEY....lots of fighting and bitch slapping...
Join Road Rules to be bitch-slap by someone you loath
by Kath July 26, 2003
0 5
girl with fake boobs.
tim: Chek out that bitch's boobs, it's huge
matt: Duh that's coz she got a boob job
by kath February 15, 2005
3 13
da sadest person in da world who hangs in da library and loves fat louis.
Ur such a nadick
by kath December 01, 2003
1 12
as it relates to curing alfalfa hay. It had some heat when baled that left some MAW on it, brown leaves.
the hay has MAW on it, but it is clean dust free and good to feed.
by Kath February 05, 2005
1 20