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To act like an obnoxious, conceited, egotistical, unfunny, sexually abusive attention whore who thinks he's god's gift to women.

However it may also refer to the act of claiming that anything stupid that someone does was merely a 'social experiment'.
"Dude, don't pull a 'Sam Pepper' on me. Confess your sins"
by Zeptinune September 26, 2014
Goes-without-sayingly used in place of 'except' in olde' English.
That's the last of it then!
Save, you actually getting your shi* together for once...
by zeptinune October 18, 2010
A fuckwit's spelling of 'Impersonal'
"Don't be so inpersonal"
"I'm not, and it's iMpersonal you fuckwit!"
by Zeptinune November 05, 2011
The only good thing about Skyrim.. no seriously, you know it.
Fighty moron getting in your face? FUS RO DAH!!!
Some jackass tryin to steal your girl? FUS RO DAH!!
Wife left the kitchen? FUS RO DAH!!
Pet dragon misbehaving? FUS RO DAH!!

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
by Zeptinune November 25, 2011

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