Slang for a male penis.
Angelo has a small sausage.
by Karen0309 November 28, 2012
To be surrounded on all sides by dudes.
I was at the concert and I couldn't enjoy myself because I was completely sausaged.
by Jeffreezy17 December 05, 2010
An archaic reference, typically by soldiers of other European nations, to an attractive and curvy young German lass. One of the oldest *War and Peace* translators, Nathan Haskell Dole, coined this term in the late 1800s in his erudite rendition of Tolstoy's Magnum opus.
"Check out that sausage -- she's a sure lay!" noted the Russian soldier to his comrade.
by The Grottomaster June 07, 2011
spittin' aggresively until suckers are gone....EXTINCTION!

used AGAINST the term ham ( hard as a motherfucker )

in a way of expressing you are the alpha-male in the rap game.
oh yeah? well watch me go and sausage ( spit aggresively untill suckers are gone...Extinction)
by Da prophit February 21, 2011
The cruellest food in the known universe, but strangely one of the tastiest.
The process of making a sausage is as follows:

1. Kill some animals
2. Chop them into tiny bits
3. Shove them back into their own arseholes (well OK, intestines but arseholes is wittier)
4. Burn the result
by NaughtyJim October 30, 2010
An extremely overweight person wearing extremely tight clothing resulting in the the bulges of fatness to burst out like a cooked sausage.
That sausage is fresh off the grill. (a sausage that just turned 18)
by jAiPuR June 05, 2010
A meat product which comes in cylindrical form, usually composed of various animal products.
Put some sausage between these buns, please.
by crunk nigga holla October 11, 2005

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