A word shouted at someone when playing a very annoying game.

The game is to set someone up to quickly correct you on something very obvious.

It generally starts a wave of Sausage!! attempts, and can be very rewarding when you catch someone out.
Example 1 -

Geoffrey: Urban Thesaurus is such a funny website

Alan: It's Urban Dictionary (duh!)

Geoffrey: SAUSAGE!!!

Example 2 -

Geoffrey: I would love to, but I don't know how to drive manual

Alan: It's Automatic

Geoffrey: SAUSAGE!!!
by jamjarjamjar June 29, 2011
1. Noun. Male genetalia.

2. Adj. Can be used to describe a male dominated event.
"I'm not going to that club. It's nothing but a sausage party!"
by Aliqua February 10, 2005
A word often used by people when they are upset or annoyed at something they or someone else have done!
Mother: Mary, you left the hair straightner on again!

Mary: Sausages!!
by Kinky Boots August 21, 2008
A man’s penis. Usually referred to by an intimately-involved female to express indignation at the guy’s apparent practice of thinking only with his dick.
He: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
She: Well, if THAT’S how you feel, then I say, why buy the entire PIG just to get a little SAUSAGE?! (Acknowledgements to Andy Rooney)
by QuacksO September 25, 2011
A person with little relevance who often acts up and elevates their own status much higher than it ever will be. This person often considers themselves a bit of a god when in fact they are actually, a sausage!
You mate, are a right sausage
by maltavee April 17, 2015
A penis.
My sausage cooked in that chicks oven
by Kumar666 December 19, 2008
An eccentric scotsman with poor driving skills.
Sausages, look out for the truck ffs!
by Wristified September 01, 2008

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