Neanderthal-like creature who lives around Gackle-Streeter, North Dakota area. Known to be tall and hairy. WARNING: do not approach while wearing provocative clothing.
Cory Schlecht
by Trevor Marshall March 25, 2003
The overly hairy girl who sits in front of you during math.
Hey where’s the Sasquatch today?
by Derich October 20, 2002
an american male, or male whom acts like an american. used in eastern canada and parts of quebec. strangely, most people from saskatchewan and alberta are sasquatches. (supposedly) derives from the latin term "canus americanus" and was used as a code word by the mexican mafia to refer to CIA agents. sasquatch does not seem to apply to *southern* americans, who are talkative and funny -- the hallmark of the sasquatch is being quiet and angry. in rare cases, women can be considered sasquatch. e.g. lindsay lohan, rosie o'donnell, the cast of 'sex and the city'. a wombat is a baby sasquatch.
"omg fifty cent is such a sasquatch"

"look at all the brand-new trucks in the parking lot, this place is going to be totally sasquatched"

"fuck you haters jay-z is not a sasquatch"
by Joey Tribbliani September 12, 2007
Another word for 'penis'.
Paul noticed his sasquatch was hanging out of his pants.
by RichardFanx3 July 03, 2005
A tall hairy ape like nigga. Also known as bigfoot. See HB for more.
Sasquatch runs through the woods.
by George Dubya April 23, 2005
your friends girlfriend who is three times the size of him and has a massive swamp crotch vagina.
He really needs to get rid of that sasquatch vagina
by JP$ September 30, 2003
A very hairy person. First name is
usually called Brian
Have you seen Brian?
by Anonymous March 25, 2003

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