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To be fooled or pranked by an obvious hoax or episode of shenanigans, as demonstrated by the musical comedy "Sasquatched! The Musical"
"It's not Bigfoot . . . it’s the bar owner and his wife! We’ve been SASQUATCHED!"
by MadHatter63 April 21, 2013
When the company IT person reconfigures the server, changes all the passwords, then quits.
All the computers are down; We've been sasquatched!
by MPB October 03, 2003
something that occurs suddenly that ruins someone's fun or happinness
your dad totally sasquatched the party!
by dreamtheatherpos April 15, 2009
To be intoxicated under the influence of Six Rivers Brewery's Sasquatch Strong Ale (9.3% alcohol content).
"We got sasquatched up in McKinleyville last night."
by 6R October 10, 2007

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